Q&A: Natalie Simkins

Q&A: Natalie Simkins

Enjoy this Q&A with Natalie Simkins!

If someone had never been to Palm Beach, how would you tell them to spend a day?

My favorite way to start the day is with a walk along the beach, followed by lunch at the Colony Hotel. I pulled a lot of inspiration for my collection from their overall vibe. Then I’d go to Worth Avenue in the afternoon and check out the shops in The Royal Poinciana Plaza. For dinner, I’d either go to the White Elephant Hotel or the Breakers. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of both. The whole town has a fabulous, old school, 1960s vibe that I adore. 


How would you describe the overall vibe of Palm Beach?

The Palm Beach scene is very polished and put together. It feels like entering a time capsule, surrounded by bright colors, refined fashion, and wonderful people. It feels like a fantasy.


What would be on your music playlist for a beach day in Palm Beach?

Whenever I’m in Palm Beach, I want to listen to old school music like soul music, like Motown.


What books would you be reading on a trip to Palm Beach?

A casual beach read. I read Seven Husbands by Evelyn Hugo last time I was there.


What is your favorite memory of Palm Beach?

I started going there with my family when I was very young. We used to stay in Delray Beach but my parents would take us around everywhere. I remember going to The Breakers when I was 6 years old and thinking, “why didn’t we stay here?” – I always loved it. Years later, my Mom took me on a trip for my graduation and we finally stayed there. We had such a good time laying out in the sun all day, shopping, and going out to fun dinners. It was such a special trip.


How did you first find out about Palm Beach and/or start going?

My Mom vacationed in South Florida growing up, so she took us there very early on. We’re both big fans of Slim Aarons and were always inspired by his work.


How is your capsule inspired by Palm Beach?

I was really inspired by the design of The Colony Hotel. The green and white pinstripe on the suit and matching pants remind me a lot of their design. We pulled in the bright yellow as a nod to sunny beach days. The colors feel very true to the area. I also used photography from the Slim Aarons coffee table book and the design of old houses in Palm Beach for inspiration.


Anything else unique or special about Palm Beach that you want people to know?

I love the energy of Palm Beach and how I feel when I’m there. It’s quieter than a lot of beach towns but you get a little bit of everything between the beaches, shopping and dining scene.