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Ricki Beach Club x Natalie Simkins
About Ricki Beach Club x Natalie Simkins

"I always use Slim Aarons to describe the local Palm Beach scene. It's a 1960 fabulous vibe that he did such a great job at capturing in his portraits of socialites and celebrities. It's this chic, glamorous, old school vibe that's rich with bright colors. It almost feels like fantasy, which I was really inspired by. I was particularly influenced by the green and white pinstripe pattern from the Colony."

Natalie Simkins

Natalie Simkins is a New York City based content creator and fashion stylist. A South Carolina native, Natalie gives her coastal roots a modern twist for a style point-of-view that is uniquely her own. She specializes in creating timeless looks by blending high and low with a keen eye for quality pieces.