About Us

Ricki Beach Club began as an ode to beach towns everywhere; the places that shaped us and hold our fondest memories.

It is a way to tell stories. Every capsule is a limited-edition, thoughtfully designed product line that captures a feeling of a beach that makes us whole.

Inspired by beach clubs and spaces that were once exclusive, Ricki Beach Club was designed for everyone. We aim to create a world where people feel welcome. From our fabrics to our events, we value comfort above all else. Every aspect is designed with intention.

Aside from Ricki Beach Club’s Core collection, we partner with creators to design a capsule, inspired by their favorite beach town. We value equity in our relationships and share in the profits. The creator owns the rights to their designs and takes a cut of every product sold.



We designed our supply chain and manufacturing process to the highest standard.

To keep costs down without compromising the quality of the product, we source premium eco conscious fabrics and make every effort to reduce carbon emissions by bringing production closer to home. Every factory has been vetted for equitable pay standards and fabrics sourced are made from recycled materials.