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Ricki Beach Club x Caroline Moss
About Ricki Beach Club x Caroline Moss

"The city is fast-paced, and you’re often out and about from morning til’ night. My capsule serves to be functional, innovative wear with a stylish twist—a bathing suit that also functions as a bodysuit. I wanted something really feminine and interesting. The pink is a nod to early Gee Thanks! branding - very bright and happy. I was also thinking about summers in the city. You’re not actually spending that much time in a body of water, but it’s nice to wear something comfortable that keeps you cool."

Caroline Moss

Caroline Moss is an author, producer and is the shopping guru behind the account @geethanksjustboughtitpod. A Brooklyn resident and dog mom to Lottie, Caroline has cultivated a loyal following for her innate ability to find the newest 'it' products.