Q&A: Karen Coleman

Q&A: Karen Coleman

Enjoy this Q&A with Karen Coleman!

If someone had never been to Rosemary Beach, how would you tell them to spend a day?

I’d start the day by biking into town for an iced latte from Fonville Press. While sipping on my coffee, I’d do some shopping in town. Rosemary Beach has so many cute boutique stores. After, I’d head back to the house and get ready for the beach. If it was raining, I’d spend the rest of the afternoon shopping in Town Center and Seaside. After the beach, I’d go out for dinner – I love putting on a cute outfit after a long day in the sun. George’s is one of my favorite spots. One of my favorite parts of Rosemary Beach is how accessible everything is by bike. Our beach house is near Inlet Beach but most people just call that area 30A. You can’t go wrong with any beach along that road. Also, if you happen to be in town on a Sunday, don’t miss the Farmer’s Market. It’s the best place to find local produce, which is great for packing healthy lunches and cooking dinners if you’re renting a house.

How would you describe the overall vibe of Rosemary Beach?

It has a very charming, coastal vibe. It’s very family friendly and there’s so much to do. From fine dining and shopping to biking and beach days, there’s really something for everyone. There’s a 30A Farmers Market every Sunday, which I think is a really beautiful representation of Rosemary Beach. It’s a tight knit community of friendly people that are very welcoming to tourism. You feel that warm, southern hospitality charm throughout the town. 

How would you describe Rosemary Beach to somewhere who had never been there?

It’s a very low key vibe. Something about the community feels unique and special – and the pace allows you to slow down. It’s a newer community that has been built up over the past two decades with residential beach homes, so it feels like a small beach town. There aren’t a lot of high rise condos or hotels, which I love. To me, it’s picture perfect. 

What would be on your music playlist for a beach day in Rosemary Beach?

All my favorites – Taylor Swift, The Beatles, One Direction, Harry Styles, Lana Del Ray

What books would you be reading on a trip to Rosemary Beach?

It’s cliche but, The Summer I Turned Pretty – it’s such a cute beach read! 

What is your favorite memory of Rosemary Beach?

Getting engaged! My husband’s family does an annual family photo every year, so I thought we were dressing up nice for that. I went out for dinner with my husband alone before “the photo” and when we came back, no one was at the house. I was initially confused but didn’t think anything of it when my husband said everyone was already down at the beach. As we were walking along the beach, he got down on one knee right as the sun was setting. His family was hiding and was able to capture the moment. When we got back to the house, there was a whole celebration set up for us. We played music and partied all night – it was really special. 

How did you first find out about Rosemary Beach and/or start going?

The first time I visited Rosemary Beach was actually before I met my husband. I went with my coworkers when I was in college because everyone goes to 30A for Spring Break. I loved it but didn’t get to really experience it as a local until I started going with my husband’s family later on.

How is your capsule inspired by Rosemary Beach?

I tried to capture the natural beauty of Rosemary Beach with my capsule. I drew a lot of inspiration from the greenery and neutral-colored architecture throughout the area. The landscaping is beautiful. I also wanted to strike a balance between beachy and coastal with a more modern spin on the style and design. To me, that feels like Rosemary Beach. 

Anything else unique or special about Rosemary Beach that you want people to know?

As I was designing my collection, it was important to me that every suit was something I’d genuinely want to buy for myself. I thought about the swimsuits that I needed and went from there. I put so much thought into every little detail.