Q&A: Katie Sands

Q&A: Katie Sands

How would you tell someone who had never been to Sagaponack to spend a day?

I’d wake up and bike over to Golden Pear or Pierre’s for a coffee. From there, I’d stop by the local farm stands (there’s seven!) to pick up fruits and veggies for the day. After going home to change, I’d hit the beach - either Gibson Lane or Peter’s Palm. Both are an easy bike ride. For lunch, I’d get sandwiches at Espresso Da Asporto. In the afternoon, I’d rent a sailboat to watch the sunset before heading back to change for dinner. If you’re renting a place, I’d keep the evening low key and barbecue at the house and make dinner with your local produce.

How would you describe the overall vibe of the Sagaponack?

Sagaponack is very calm and relaxing. You’re surrounded by greenery and farm stands. There’s a lot of protected land and beautiful historic properties, many of which were previously the homes of local fishermen. They lived there in case of a storm - and their properties have been passed on for generations. It has a very local vibe. To me, being out there feels magical.

How would you describe the Hamptons to somewhere who had never been there?

It’s such a special place with so many different towns to choose from – each with their own unique flare. There’s something for everyone; incredible restaurants, pop-ups throughout the summer, and you can’t beat the shopping. There’s no retail in Sag because it’s a historic town, which adds to the hyper-local feel, but really good shops in Sag Harbor. East Hamptons also has really good shopping.

What would be on your music playlist for a beach day in the Sagaponack?

A mix of Nora Jones and country with some Broadway tunes mixed in.

What is your favorite memory of the Sagaponack?

Ever since I was little, my family has done a potluck dinner on Sunday nights. I didn’t realize that wasn’t something every family did until I was older when my friends came out to visit and commented on how special it is. I love how we host and there’s a seat at the table for everyone.

How did you first find out about the Hamptons and/or start going? 

When my parents were younger, they were obsessed with the writer John Irving. One day they decided to drive around looking for his house in Sagaponack. They fell inlove with the area and took a leap of faith to buy the property, which is now officially categorized a historic home. That means it’s protected and can never be renovated. There are historic landmarks throughout the property that have been there forever, and an iconic red barn that he used to write in. He wrote The Door in the Floor there – it’s a beautiful home with so much history. We kept everything the same to preserve those memories. I grew up spending every summer here with huge groups of friends – surfing, wakeboarding, in and out of farmer’s markets – and an open door policy for anyone visiting. It’s a really special place.

How is your capsule inspired by the Sagaponack?

I drew a lot of inspiration from vintage Ralph Lauren pieces that were styled and photographed in the Hamptons.  It was such a great vintage Americana feel. We decided to honor that classic style choosing colors like red and blue and patterns like gingham for the suits. It was also really important to me that the collection was representative of my style holistically, which I’d describe as unique twists on a classic. 

Anything else unique or special about the Sagaponack that you want people to know?

From this collection, I’d love for people to feel like what’s old is new again. This collection is a modern spin on classic prints. It feels very much timeless – I’m not trying to recreate things that have been working for decades. I also know what’s flattering on people and wanted to make sure that these suits would work on a wide range of different body types. 

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Armin & Judy 

The Golden Pear

The Original Goldberg’s

Estia's Little Kitchen

Joni's Kitchen Montauk 


Provisions Sag Harbor 

Round Swamp Farm 

Espresso Da Asporto

Fini Pizza


Sunset Beach Hotel 

Coche Comedor 

Duryea's Montauk

Le Bilboquet Sag Harbor

Pierre's Bridgehampton

Tutto Il Giorno Hamptons


Sagtown Coffee

Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

Sant Ambroeus 

Sylvester & Co.

Best Farmers’ Markets:

Pikes Farm 

Amber Waves Farm 

Balsam Farms 

Fairview Farm at Mecox 

Arts & Culture

Shabbat on the beach (every Friday on Main Beach)

Drum Circle (every Monday evening at Sag Main Beach

Parrish Art Museum 

Southampton Arts Center

The Church Sag Harbor

LongHouse Reserve

Pollock-Krasner House

Onna House

Nova's Ark Project

The Ranch Montauk Art Gallery 


Gibson Lane Beach 

Peter’s Pond Beach

Egypt Beach 

Main Beach

Flying Point Beach 

Sammy’s Beach