Q&A: Blondies Supply Co.

Q&A: Blondies Supply Co.

If someone had never been to Newport, how would you tell them to spend a day?

I’d start the day with a coffee from Nitro. There are a few locations – it’s the best on the island. Then I’d bring a bathing suit to Cliff Walk and find a spot to take a swim. If you find yourself near a dock, you can call us on channel 88 to order a dozen oysters and some shrimp for an early lunch. We’ll come to you! In the afternoon, I’d grab a sandwich or snack from Harvest and bring them to 2nd beach to watch the sunset. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, swing by Castle Hill for a cocktail in the lawn chairs. For dinner, I’d go to Clarke Cooke House. It has three floors with different vibes on every one – the upstairs is more formal, where the main entrance feels more casual like a bar. It can get pretty packed in the summer, so definitely make a reservation or show up early to snag a seat at the bar! 

How would you describe the overall vibe of Newport?

Newport has a small town coastal beach vibe. It’s unique in that most of the town is small businesses, which the locals take a lot of pride in. There are incredible options for sourcing food from nearby farmer’s markets and local seafood. Everyone really values the accessibility to fresh produce. The winters are quieter and slow, which I personally love, but it’s really fun to see how much the town comes to life in the summer. 

How can someone order Blondies when they’re visiting Newport?

The main way is via boat radio – we’re on Channel 88 – but you could also call us by phone. If you have access to a dock, we’ll boat up to you there. Most of the docks are publicly accessible, so you can just head down to the Wharf, put your feet in the water, and we’ll serve you a dozen oysters. If you’re looking for a sunset cruise, you can charter a boat downtown and call us through the captain. That’s how a lot of tourists find us! 

How would you describe Newport to somewhere who had never been there?

Rhode Island, also known as the Ocean State, is known for all-things-ocean. We have great seafood, beautiful beaches, and everything is centered around the appreciation of the water. It’s a coastal historic beach town with preserved cobblestone roads and old homes. The rich and famous used to vacation here years ago, so there are a lot of beautiful mansions on Bellevue Avenue. It’s also internationally known for sailing and tennis in part due to the Tennis Hall of Fame and the accessibility by boat. There are events for both throughout the summer.

What would be on your music playlist for a boat day in Newport?

We have the best playlist. It’s 25 hours long and has everything from Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan to ABBA, Fergie and Justin Beiber. It’s the perfect playlist for a boat day. It has throwbacks, oldies, dance music – there’s something for everyone! 

What is your favorite memory of Blondies during Newport summers?

The last day of folk fest last summer! Lana Del Ray was playing at the end of the day and the energy on the water was incredible. Everyone was having such a good time and we had our biggest weekend ever in sales. There’s no better feeling than serving oyster in your bathing suit in between swim breaks and hearing Lana play in the background. 

Why did you decide to start Blondies?

I actually didn’t come up with the idea. There’s a group in Cuttyhunk and there was someone in Newport that was doing something similar about 10 years ago. I loved the idea. I boat an old lobster boat that was very classic-looking and fits in well out on the water but painted in pink to stand out. It was important to me that it still felt traditional and matched the old school New England vibe but I wanted to make it my own to stand out.

How did you learn so much about oysters?

I’ve always been interested in oysters because it’s one of the few food sources that are farmed sustainably. We have a ton of oyster farms in Rhode Island and they do a lot to keep our ocean clean. I wanted to bring awareness to that and support the local oyster farmers.

What sources did you draw inspiration from when designing your capsule?

The collection draws a lot of inspiration from the Blondies brand. It feels preppy but timeless. When I was choosing the initial design, I found a picture of a boat in Palm Beach with pin stripe accents that I completely fell inlove with. I love how pink evokes femininity and makes it clear that the business is female-run. It was also important to me that the suit was comfortable and easy to move in all day. We’re working hard on the boat but we’re also swimming, diving, and playing in the water. The suits we wear have to stay in place and support that movement. 

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